How Is The Nike Air Max 97 Working?

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As one of the most representative shoe styles of Nike, Air Max 97, born in 1997, pioneered the full-size Nike Air. It has been one of the most popular classic products in the Air Max family since its inception. This pair is inspired by the visible all-palm air cushion running shoes of Japan's Shinkansen high-speed train, which perfectly combines the metallic silver with the smooth lines of the shoe body. The unique reflective design interprets the extreme fashion pursuit of that era.

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Nike Air Max 97 is the first Nike running shoe that USES full palm Air cushion. Although the Air Max95&96 introduced before it is also a breakthrough, it is the Air cushion in the shape of front and back palm. I still remember my curiosity when I first saw it on the counter shelf. Can it be very q-bomb? Would it be comfortable? Would it be like stepping on a cloud?


But there are some interesting things about the Nike Air Max 97, such as the design of Japan's Shinkansen train and the four 3M reflective strips that surround the shoe. It's a bit of a '90s tech shoe, but it's a long way off, at least two years ago. I remember a girl who said two years ago that the Nike Air Max 97 I was wearing was not ugly but ugly, and she recently asked me if I could buy it for her.

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Nike Air Max 97 actually influenced the design of many Air Max series after that, such as Nike Air Max 98 and Nike Air Max Deluxe in 1999. Nike Air Max 97 was exactly the same as Nike Air Max 97 in the middle and the outside, with little change. From 2000 to 2002, I vaguely remember that the Air Max collection is mainly trying to change its shape, especially in 2002, when there were several cylindrical Air pads at the bottom of the middle, which were impressive. But I didn't buy any Air Max in the years after Nike Air Max 97 because I thought they might be as hard as Nike Air Max 97. Until Air Max 03 came out, I first saw a large Air cushion with a midsole almost in the same shape as Nike Air Max 97. At first, I really refused. But the pearlescent vamp was too attractive to bear, and the 03 was far more comfortable to try on than the Nike Air Max 97. The comfort of Air Max series has only met my requirements as Sneaker Head since 2003. 04 basically continued the setting of 03, the sole did not change the vamp changed. But 05 was also a surprise, with the retro look neither good nor comfortable, bringing the Air Max collection back to the early 1990s. The beginning is qualitative leap, did not unfold to say.

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But in the past two years, Nike Air Max Day activities, retro sneakers resurgence, and the function of clothing, the《 Ghost in the Shell》, such as the "near future" culture represented by the rise of triple shock, once there is a big chance to be retro running shoes lovers into the cold Nike Air Max 97, returned to the line of sight of people, known as "La Silver" Italy don't note, but also became the highest market value in the past two years of one of the series Air Max shoes and name.

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